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Why Kinder Learning Garten

What Makes Us Unique?

We are an intentionally small, independent private preschool for children ages 3-5. We enroll just 10 preschoolers and 10 pre Kindergarten students each school year. Our students attend daily, Monday through Thursday allowing children to develop meaningful relationships and connections with peers and educators. Our program is inspired by best preschool curriculum models including Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf. Why? Because we believe there are benefits to each approach. Our focus is on building foundational skills needed for today’s kindergarten programs and cultivating a love of learning. With a best practice approach we provide consistency and routine in a nurturing and flexible learning environment to develop healthy minds and bodies. Each day is built upon the foundation that school is a safe place where your child is loved and cared for.  Kinder Learning Garten is an extension of our homes and our students are a part of our family.  We walk alongside our students as they develop independence and self-help skills and grow pride in being members of our preschool family.   



We utilize a thoughtfully curated program informed by our experience as early childhood educators, developmental specialists, and moms of kindergarteners. Areas of focus include: mathematics, language arts, fine motor and gross motor development, letter and sound recognition (uppercase and lowercase), sight word recognition, sensory activities, and free play.  Our core values curriculum is woven into our learning environment focusing on kindness, generosity, and respect. We utilize the following curriculums along with supplemental materials to ensure instruction is standards based: 

Fundations Literacy 

Heggerty Phonological & Phonemic Awareness

Everyday Mathematics

Our Physical Space

As owner-operators we take great pride and care in the maintenance of our facility. Parents find our preschool to be clean, organized, uncluttered, and designed for the comfort of our young learners. The physical site is cleaned daily by our dedicated staff. Manipulatives are rotated regularly, cleaned, inspected, and replaced as needed. Classroom space is bright and colorful with plenty of space to learn, move, dance, and play. Students take pride in their school by learning how to take care of materials, supplies, and spaces. We are licensed through the PA Department of Human Services, which has strict requirements of the physical site to ensure the safety and security of children.

What You Will See at KLG

  • Exposure to all academic disciplines with a heavy focus on letter recognition, foundational math concepts, fine and gross motor development

  • Children actively engaged diverse activities that utilize visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and/or tactile learning 

  • Focus on development of the whole child: physical, emotional, mental, and social development

  • A flexible learning environment for all abilities

  • Core Values Curriculum (including manners and citizenship)

  • Daily free play 

What You Won't See at KLG

  • Worksheets and busy work 

  • Behavior charts 

  • Screen time 

  • Formal assessment 

  • Fundraising

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