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Morning Session In the Classroom - Preschool

The morning program at Kinder Learning Garten utilizes a peer partnership and mentorship experience through a mixed aged classroom. After an engaging circle time that prepares our minds and bodies for learning, each preschooler is thoughtfully paired with a PreK mentor as they progress through developmental centers. Students form relationships that foster cooperation, community, and the development of key social skills. Our students learn and grow from each other as they work side by side.  PreK students gain self-confidence as they mentor their preschool friends. Partners are changed weekly, encouraging socialization and relationship building.  KLG students feel pride in ownership of their school that is not found anywhere else. 

The 4-day program is developmentally designed for preschoolers who will enter Kindergarten in 2026. This structured academic program takes place four half days in a mixed-age group setting with PreK students.


You can expect to see:

  • Exposure to all academic disciplines with a heavy focus on letter recognition, foundational math concepts, fine and gross motor development

  • Children actively engaged diverse activities that utilize visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and/or tactile learning 

  • Focus on development of the whole child: physical, emotional, mental, and social development

  • A flexible learning environment for all abilities

  • Core Values Curriculum (including manners and citizenship)

  • Daily free play 

Class Size: 10 children

Afternoon Session In the Classroom - Pre- Kindergarten

In the afternoon, Pre Kindergarten students have the opportunity to develop key skills that ease the transition to elementary school. The student to teacher ratio is 5:1. Some of the goals for the afternoon session include: 

  • Developing the physical stamina for the kindergarten school day 

  • Eating lunch in a school setting 

  • Understanding expectations for teacher-led direct instruction (calm body, soft voices, engaged mind) and practicing these skills

  • Deepening understanding of concepts introduced in AM session 

Concepts of science, health and wellness, and social studies are included as content areas of study in the afternoon along with language arts, mathematics, and fine motor development. In the later half of the school year guided reading and handwriting are introduced. PreK friends also enjoy free play in the afternoon.

This program is specifically designed to develop kindergarten readiness skills in all developmental areas.

 Curriculum and instruction are progressive and designed to meet the individual needs of our young learners.

Class size: 10 children

NEW FOR SEPTEMBER 2024 - Three Day Seedling Class

For children entering Kindergarten in August 2027

This 3-day program is developmentally designed for 3-year-old first time preschoolers who are fully toilet-trained. Offering smaller teacher-to-student ratio within a self-contained classroom, this program introduces our seedlings to the classroom learning environment and preschool expectations.


Enrollment shall remain open for any newly turned 3-year-olds during the school year while space permits.


Class size: 6 children

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