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An Intentional Consistent Dynamic Approach to Kindergarten Readiness
About Us

We are an intentionally small, independent private preschool for children ages 3-5. We enroll just 10 preschoolers and 10 pre Kindergarten students each school year. Our students attend daily, Monday through Thursday allowing children to develop meaningful relationships and connections with peers and educators. Our focus is on building foundational skills needed for today’s kindergarten programs and cultivating a love of learning. With a best practice approach we provide consistency and routine in a nurturing and flexible learning environment to develop healthy minds and bodies....

Why send your child to school every day?

Routine and consistency make up the “secret sauce” of our programs.  Children quickly feel comfortable and secure at preschool when they attend every day. By having a consistent daily schedule children will learn to wake at the same time each day and establish a morning routine which includes self care, getting dressed, and eating breakfast within a specific time frame. Regular attendance strengthens bodies, building up the physical stamina that they will need for kinder and beyond.

What KLG provides

Monday through Thursday educational experience for your preschool and preK children.
Unique opportunity for growth with a focus on kindergarten readiness, while encouraging personal responsibility and independence. Our school is 100% devoted to education, as we do not offer childcare.

Contact us

Now accepting registrations for 
2024/2025 school session

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